Arm Yourself for 14 Weeks of Whole Fitness!

Arm Yourself for 14 Weeks of Whole Fitness!
Women, be inspired to learn about nutrition, fitness applications and exercises that will change your way of living through a Biblical Christian perspective and approach.

In this 14-week wellness journey, you will conquer more than your nutrition and exercise. You will go deeper in the trenches of your soul. Learn how the spiritual war is affecting your physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Learn how to arm yourself against the enemy and live a healthy life the way God intended.

  • get the book
  • identify 1-3 friends to journey with you
  • set aside 14 weeks
  • choose a weekly day and time to meet
  • get busy!

Some of the fearless!
As Christian women, we can feel inadequate with our physical bodies. I know this all too well. Even as a personal trainer and wellness coach, I've had my share of lies and whisper being breathed in my ears and straight to my mind.

We can't let these lies intrude our living space and hold us back from what God has intended for us to participate in - His High Calling!

Join the team of women who are on target to make a difference in their own life so they can make a difference to others around them.

Testimonial of an Arm Yourself Class Participant

"The Arm Yourself Christian fitness class focuses on more than just the physical aspect of a healthy lifestyle, it focuses on the complete self…..spiritual, mental and emotional. This program made me look at my complete self, as well as putting God at the center of my workouts, which really brought a new level of enjoyment to my workouts. Sara made the classes fun, and she understands that everyone is at various levels of physical ability, and made sure to demonstrate various ways to modify exercises, as well as putting everyone at ease about their individual abilities. Sara is genuine in her passion for leading people to a complete and whole healthy lifestyle. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone….your life will be changed, for the better!" - Mickey Blake


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