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Some simple habits to help stave off belly fat. It's hard to 'spot' reduce fat, but these steps can help you specifically lose these unwanted pounds hanging around in your midsection. 

Just trying one or two won't really show tons of progress. I suggest doing as many as you can. Then, tell us how it's going!

1. Eat Fiber Fiber makes you fuller longer which will make you not grab for those sweets. Most fruits and veggies, Popcorn (skip a lot of butter and add only a little salt), Oats, Almonds, Chia seeds, Chocolate, Sweet Potatoes stack up among the highest fiber-filled foods.
2. Intermittent Fasting This has recently become very popular for weight loss. It is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and periods of fasting. The not so shocking thing is, people have been doing this for centuries. The Bible has many examples of people fasting, and God even requests it.  It is now becoming a popular methodinvolves 2and 24-hour fasts once a week. Another invo…

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