Struggling? Try Burst Training!

Sometimes when we are faced with uncomfortable times we get to see a different side of ourselves. Our character is tested and our heart exposed to others. We don't have to be prideful and make others believe we have it together at all times. Some things we don't want to share with others somehow surfaces and instead of holding our own, showing our good side, the bad is exposed. But guess what? This is human. This is natural. This is Biblical.

We are all tested from time to time to smooth out those rough edges. This makes us stronger. If we never went for that longer run, how would we know we could finish? If we never upped our weights during an exercise we would never get stronger. Our bodies would be in a rut, comfortable and on auto pilot, not growing, not improving and not doing any good to ourselves or others around us. It's when we are challenged - sometimes more than we think we can handle - that helps us win whatever race we are in.

Give your concerns over to God, give your weakness to Him by praying and asking Him to help make you strong, to help you get out of a pit, to give you strength to get through the current race of life you are in. Let Him help you in your time of struggling. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." Prov.3:5-6

So when you begin your day with God, He is more than able to help you get through your day more so than if you decide to leave him out until you really need Him.
Pray and ask God to help you with anything you are struggling with.

* 30 minutes of intervals will increase your metabolism and help you lose fat faster than if you ran on the treadmill AKA the "dread"mill for 30 minutes. Yes, it's true. New studies are confirming this almost daily. It's been a known fact that Interval Training is far better for fat loss. So if you are someone who is needing to lose weight, then intervals are the main cardio you should be doing.

Try this Interval Training:
(either by speed walking, jogging or running)
Briskly walk to warm up for 1-2 minutes

Speed walk as fast as your body will allow for 1.5 minutes
Recover by walking slow for 1 minute
Do this for 10 straight times

(Burst Training)
Run as fast as you can - sprinting for 1 minute
Recover for 2 FULL minutes
Immediately repeat when 2 minutes are up and sprint again for 1 minute
Do this for 5 full rotations of each

* You can do this with any type of exercises - Plyometrics, Ellipticals, Bikes, Jump Rope, etc.

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