Buddy It Up

Don't go in it alone!
If you set out on a journey make sure there are people to back you up.

If you were to go on a road trip across the country would you do it alone? (well some of us might think we would want to or at least leave some children behind) But think about it...there are certain things we should do with others, like going on vacations, cliff diving, deep water fishing and...exercising.
For some of us we haven't found that person that can run the same distance or same speed, or someone with the same time of day to workout with. Others of us feel uncomfortable asking someone to work out. There are many reasons why we walk in the gym alone or go for that long run by ourselves. But think for a moment how much more beneficial it would be to do it with someone else?

Hint: You don't both have to be the same speed, same fitness level or the same maturity level! Just having someone there to help motivate is encouraging enough. There are also tons of exercises we can do at different levels of fitness.

God created us to be around other people and interact socially, to be listened to and loved, to have emotional and physical interaction.  There is something about knowing there is an accountability partner there (even if they physically aren't).

God is also that accountability partner. He is always there, not in the physical terms we see with our eyes, but with our spiritual awareness. We know He is "here" with us as Christians. We know His Holy Spirit is inside us as believers in Christ. We can lean on Him and pray in times of much desperation or ask Him for help getting through a race.

Buddy it up with someone on your next workout or let someone in on your health or fitness goals. Ask them to keep track of you each week.  Set a weekly call time to connect about your goals.  It might just be the push you need to get you out of that rut.

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