Core Balance Workout

Exercises shown use:
medicine balls and a Bosu

Balance involves more than we think. We use it everyday to do everyday tasks. We might take it for granted, but it is a lost exercise that is starting to gain more attention.  It involves our core (front, side and back of our mid section).  I always say, a healthy core is a happy body. Remember you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Try out these exercises and see how you do. Every time you take another stab at them, you'll get better.

* If you don't have all the equipment, you can try these without by using a basketball ball or an unsteady surface or a chair, bench or first step on your stairwell. Be careful that you take your time.  Sometimes it could take clients 4 tries in a row and before their body responded.Keep trying - God made your body strong and capable of many things you might not know you can do.

CIRCUIT ONE - 2 medicine balls/sports ball
Take 2 Medicine Balls and balance for 20-30 seconds in a plank, then try it for 2 more sets.  Hold core in tight and back neutral. Breathe in and out, never holding your breath. * Make it harder and add a pushup or raise a leg!

CIRCUIT TWO- 4 medicine balls/sports ball
Try adding more medicine balls to increase balance intensity.  Start with 3 balls and work your way up to 4.  It's hard to get up on 4 balls at first, but don't throw in the towel just yet. Give it at least 4 tries! Try 3 balls and then add a foot. Most important thing to remember is to breathe and keep your core engaged and tight.

Add a Bosu to your planks. Take 2 Medicine Balls with a Bosu and balance for 30 seconds for 3 sets. Make it harder and add a pushup! Again, breathe and squeeze core.

CIRCUIT FOUR- Bosu Balance
Sometimes when you first start on a Bosu just standing there is hard enough. After a few tries and or a few days you will be amazed how comfortable you get with it. Use a bar or table to brace yourself if you need to. Don't forget to breathe and keep your core tight and shoulders down.

 There are endless possibilities with the Bosu and medicine balls concerning balance. Sometimes when we squat on a Bosu the first few times it might wiggle out of control. Give it a few times for your brain to register this new adventure!

You can take these squats in a holding position, take them up and down or pulse it.  Feel the squeeze in your inner thighs and in your thighs..and yes, don't forget to breath!

You can purchase a BOSU at Target, Wal-Mart or online at a dozen sites. BOSU is the name of the actual blue and black balance tool I am using. They range anywhere from $100-$190.  Most gyms have them.

Photographer: Shawn Riemers 

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