Praying Can't Hurt

Emotions play more of role in our total health then we think. If we are stressed and heard some news that's hard swallow, it does something to our physical being. This is because we are more than a body housing a spirit. We have lots of layers and lots of components all wrapped up in one tremendous human being!  Exercising isn't enough. We have to be mindful and aware of our emotions, mental state, social interactions and our spirits.

When our emotional bank accounts are empty sometimes there is an apathy towards prayer. Sometimes the last thing we want to do is pray and sometimes we can't even muster enough energy to pray.  Emotions play a huge part in our daily lives.  No matter if woman or man, we are all effected by our emotions. It's okay to have feelings of grief, sadness and even anger - Jesus experienced all these feelings. These emotions were given to us by God to help us engage and experience life to it's fullest. 

If you were filled with joy all the time, then you wouldn't know what grief was and wouldn't be able to relate to someone who was going through it. You wouldn't embrace those times of joy if you never experienced otherwise.  

The point is we should pray and communion with God no matter what we "feel" like. We have to put our emotions aside at times and pray anyway.  Even though God already knows what we are going to pray, we are told to tell him anyway - joy or grief.  Just as your child brings home a paper with a 100% on their spelling test, they still want to tell you about it even though you know the outcome.  You listen to them and are proud of their success.  On the flip side, if your child brought home a project they worked so hard on and only received a C+, as a parent you are still listening and shedding wisdom and comfort. So too is our God!  He is also proud of you regardless if if you "feel" you are earning a 100% or lower on your walk in life. None of us are perfect all the time, in fact I feel VERY far from it most of the time, but he still wants us to tell him about our walk.

Praying can't hurt! In fact, it does the opposite. When we connect with God there is something that happens to our spirit-man. We may not "feel" it and we may not "see" it, but our inner-man and our spirits are touched and connected to the Most High God.  The channels of communication with God need to be flowing and need to be operational to do what He is calling us to do. We can't go in it alone. God is faithful and will not leave you...are you faithful, will you leave him out of your emotional highs and lows?

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