Exercise Anywhere!

I had a great opportunity to teach fitness classes in Cancun...yes, a dream job!  It was a blast, but the best thing I found, being an Iowa girl now, is that

I absolutely LOVE exercising outside

especially in the warmth.  I forget from time to time, in the winter how refreshing it is to breath clean air (instead of the cooped up regenerated air in closed up stores, shops and schools).  Of course this winter wasn't bad at all, in fact we only shoveled twice...when does that ever happen? 

God's creation is meant to be enjoyed alone or with others.  I do love those long runs by myself, but sometimes it's nice to share them with others.  I can't really laugh out loud by myself, although I do sometimes, but it really is better with a friend. 

Points to Ponder & Actions to Add:
1.  Take advantage of exercising outside as much as possible.  The fresh cleansing air is amazing when you remember who created it.

2.  Spend time with others outside and laugh with them often. A merry heart does good like medicine as the Bible says.

3.  Change up your workout and stake out a water aerobics class this summer, an outdoor boot camp, a new road or obstacle course race or even yoga in the park.  They are available, you just got to dig a little to find them.

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