21 Day Nutrition Challenge

21 Day Nutrition Challenge - Get Summer Ready!

This is it!  A chance to CHOOSE your own nutritional challenge!   It's short, it's sweet (well not completely), and it can be life changing.  There are only 4 things you need to do to join - that's it - YES YOU CAN DO THIS!

1.  Decide what challenge you want to try from the list below.  Choose based off your needs and desires.  If you feel you might have a food intolerance, then trying one of these might help you figure it out.  If you feel you need to kick the habit on drinking soda, and want to lose a few pounds, then choose it!  WARNING: Not all challenges will be for everyone and not all challenges will be easy.  Who said anything about easy? This is a challenge!

A. Water Challenge - drink 8-8oz glasses of water every day.
B. Vegetable Challenge - eat 5 servings of vegetables every day.
C. Super Vegetable Challenge - eat 12 servings of vegetables every day.
D. No Yeast Challenge - don't consume any yeast for 21 days.
E. Sugar Challenge - don't eat more than 20 grams of "added sugars" every day.
 F. No Processed Foods Challenge - don't eat anything that is prepackaged for 21 days.
G. Eggs & Oatmeal Challenge - only eat eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, instead of another breakfast choice (still eat lunch and dinner).
H. No Alcohol Challenge - don't drink any alcohol for 21 days.
I.  No Soda Challenge - don't drink soda for 21 days.
J. No Carbonation Challenge - don't drink anything carbonated for 21 days.
K. No Red Meat Challenge - don't eat any red meat for 21 days.
L. No Dairy Challenge - don't eat anything with lactose in it for 21 days.
M. No Gluten Challenge - don't eat anything with gluten in it for 21 days. 
N. No Bread Challenge - don't eat anything that resembles bread for 21 days; muffins, cookies, cake, brownies, etc.
O. No White Food Challenge - don't eat anything that is white for 21 days; creams, sauces, butters, flour, etc.
P. No Salt Challenge - don't pick up that salt shaker for 21 days. 
Q. No Cookie Challenge - don't eat any cookies for 21 days.
R. No Frozen Dinner Challenge - don't eat any prepackaged frozen dinner entrees.
S. Eat 3 Meals Per Day Challenge - don't skip a meal, eat all 3 spread out with about 4 hours apart. 
T. Eat 5 Small Meals Per Day Challenge - eat 5 small meals during the day - without skipping one. 
U. Eat 3 Servings of Vegetables at Meals - eat 3 servings of vegetables at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
V. Water Before Meal Challenge - drink one large glass of water before every meal. 
W. Caloric Balance Challenge - eat a balanced caloric intake of 40-60% carbs, 15-30 protein, and 10-25% fats every day.
X. Past 8PM Challenge - don't eat anything after 8pm except; protein shake, hard boiled egg, cottage cheese, or plain yogurt. 
Y. Cell Phone Challenge - every time you check your phone during the day, eat a vegetable.
Z. You Pick Two Challenge - choose two different challenges you think you can handle for the 21 day challenge!

2.  You MUST get friends to join you on this journey- You can't do this alone!  All start on the same day and keep in contact with them.  Share your ups and your downs, encourage each other, and some of you may need to PRAY that you make it through!

3.  Choose a verse that will help you get through this challenge.  Claim it over your life and your circumstance by saying it out loud every day (you'll also memorize it by the end of the 21 days!)

34  Tell me about your journey!  Comment below - it will help others get to their challenge as well.  

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